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Stories of the Apex Universe

How It Came to Pass
Apex Chronicles - Chapter 1
Cassius "MAD BANGER" Raw
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 2
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 3
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 4
Endrin Nightgate
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 5
Varanda Black
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 6
Phoenix Belmont
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 7
Mama Noise
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 8
Cedric Mirt
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 9
The Corps
APEX Chronicles - Chapter 10
Mostrar Mais


Set in the Apex Universe, K-Truck Racer is a boardgame that pitches 2 to 6 players in the role of truck drivers who must smuggle valuable resources just stolen from a Corporation.  Driving their metalic beasts armed with heavy guns and powered by a revolutionary kinetic technology, they must race to the drop zone confronting Corporation agents whose mission is to hunt them down, while keeping an eye open for fellow drivers willing to do anything to prove they are the fastest, boldest and nastiest K-Truck Racer. 


 Expected Release Date: Winter 2019

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The original art created by artist Cheo Gonzalez for the Apex Universe, and further expanded by artist Douglas Duarte, will be available for purchase as a beautiful artbook in A3 format. The 16 page booklet will feature  art made for the K-Truck Racer boardgame without any markings, perfect for collecting and decoration.   

 Expected Release Date: Spring 2019

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